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14 Jan

I’d like to take this time to state that, in my professional opinion, there’s nothing scarier than a shark.

Das right. Freak out all ya want about Samara, Voldemort, WHATEV. Sharks are what nightmares are REALLY made of.

A shark, an animal of over 400 species and a predator of the sea, is just about the scariest of creatures. If you’re not scared by the fact that they have the powerful jaws by the planet, then perhaps you might be frightened to know that they have LAYERS and LAYERS of teeth, including “back-up” teeth which come in as replacements THE SECOND the big guys are done. Sharks usually dine alone, but if they happen to be together at meal time, they all freak out trying to eat their prey and will often bite EACH OTHER if they’re trying to get their homies out of the way.

In my life, I’ve been swimming with sharks twice, which is REALLY DUMB. One time was in Disney World (the sharks were “trained”, but still…) and the other time was when I was scuba diving in Aruba–when we came back up onto the boat, the guide told us that there was a shark hanging out, but I didn’t see it. Thank GOD. I would have lost consciousness on the spot, NO doubt.

Honestly this is almost too scary to look at.

But don’t get me wrong–I’m not hating on sharks. In fact, I LOVE sharks. And there are only about 100 shark attacks a year,  which is nothing in comparison to how many sharks humans kill per year…

Anyways, if you know what’s good, take a look at the video below. It is, without a question, some of the illest and rillest footage out there. Don’t be scurred. Let me know if you were as shocked as I was to find out sharks could fly. WATCH: