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I SEE You, RB.

24 Apr

I am really starting to feel Russell Brand.

Here are a few reasons why.

1) He’s British and has got steez


2) He’s funny

3) He is smart!


4) He’s married to Katy Perry


5) He’s an actor


6) He’s a radio/television presenter


7) He’s a singer


…and 8) he looked like this when he was a kid:



I rest my case.



23 Apr

Check out pics of Taylah Momsen rawking out last night….

Last I checked this was not such a good look!

I am not exactly feeling you on that, Tay!


23 Apr

Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha remixed Britney’s “‘Til The World Ends”

Kinda feeling it? At the very least it’s getting me alarmingly pumped for the Nicki/Britney Tour that’s coming up. That’s RIGHT. They’re touring together. And the pre-sale is in just a couple of days… 4/25. Just THINK about how wild shitzgonnaget!!!

(They’ve even started hanging out!)

Barak Obama in the ’60s

22 Apr

Check this pic out from the NYTimes. Obama with his mama.

Hella Famous

16 Feb

Ernest Oliver, born in Ohio but residing in California is an artist/designer. His work is reaaaally cool–check out more  at his website.

Kid Cudi




Lady GaGa


Andre 3000


Lil’ Wayne


Janelle Monáe