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Ok PEACHES, I See You…

26 Feb

Let me introduce you to Peaches.

She’s Canadian (ok Canada… I see you, too) and now lives in Berlin, Germany. She plays electronic music that is extremely fly, and plays all of the instruments, creates all of the beats and self-produces all of her tracks.

I’m FEELING her right now. Check it out.



20 Feb

Commercial or Music Video?

19 Feb

I’ve never seen so much product placement in my life…

Things to Just WATCH

17 Feb

Just sit back and watch these, beb.


Hella Famous

16 Feb

Ernest Oliver, born in Ohio but residing in California is an artist/designer. His work is reaaaally cool–check out more  at his website.

Kid Cudi




Lady GaGa


Andre 3000


Lil’ Wayne


Janelle Monáe