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All Things CuDi

29 Dec

If you’re all about KiD CuDi then you and I are on the same page, my friend. I really love him. At first I was like, K why is everyone freaaaaking about this guy he’s just whatever. But things have really turned around for me. I’ve seen the light so to speak. So without further adieu, here are some of my most favorite CuDi things.


Cudder is Back — KiD CuDi


Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix) — KiD CuDi


Symphonies (Jeremy Henry’s Haus of Glitch Remix) — Dan Black Ft. KiD CuDi


Erase Me (Ft. Kanye West) — KiD CuDi


Day n Night (Souf Remix) — KiD CuDi


Simple As — Kid CuDi


She Came Along (Ft. Sharam) — KiD CuDi




A Love Letter For You

27 Dec

This guy, Stephen Powers, teamed up with the City of Philly and painted a bunch of wall murals on the outsides of buildings. They’re veeeeery cool, veeeeeery cute, and the project was called “A Love Letter For You”. Here are some of the murals:


27 Dec

I’m sorry if this is TMTH but here is a [potentially overwhelmingly] large collection of FRESH TRAX that I am feeling right now and forever and for always.

P.S. In case you forgot/were unaware you can download some of these by clicking the little arrow all the way on the right of the player.

P.P.S. I’M SORRY if there are duplicates but it just means I really really loooove these songs, k?

P.P.P.S If you ever had “Da Mega Mix” Vol. I then you will certainly recognize a few of these gems…:


No Sex For Ben — The Rapture


Symphonies (Kill Them With Colour Remix) — Kid CuDi & Dan Black


Under the Sheets — Ellie Goulding


Be Mine! — Robyn


Fidelity (Morgan Page Unreleased Mix) — Regina Spektor


Bulletproof Monster — La Roux Vs. Nicki Minaj


Skinny Genes (Slugz & Joe London Remix) — Eliza DooLittle


The Bike Song — Mark Ronson and the Business Intl


Ivy League Circus — Gordon Voidwell


Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend (Feat. Dizzee Rascal) — Arctic Monkeys


Ok Wow (Flinch Remix) — Adam Tensta


Words — Kate Miller-Heidke


Bongo Bong / Je Ne T’aime Plus (Feat. Lily Allen) — Robbie Williams


Do What U Like — Bad Boy Bill


Tighten Up — The Black Keys


New in Town — Little Boots


Pack Up — Eliza DooLittle


She Came Along (Feat. Sharam) — Kid CuDi


Bag of Hammers — Thao Nguyen and the Get Down Stay Down


When I Was a Sinner (Charles & Beck Remix) — TECLA


Romeo — Basement Jaxx


Controversial Adolescent — Arctic Monkeys vs. Eminem




I Predict a Riot — Kaiser Chiefs


27 Dec

If you are reading this and it is before January 4th, 2011, it is most likely snowing hard core in front of your face right now.

That’s good, because outside in the real world so to speak, there is a massively wild snowing downpour. A blizzard as they call it. The hour-and-twenty-minute drive from Connecticut took us nearly three hours, and over 1000 flights were canceled coming in and out of NY. DRAMA! What’s particularly notable, though, is that there is an insane amount of thunder and lightning. My window shades are lighting up (which has never happened before) and the thunda is booming, beb. And, what’s more, the heat in my house is broken and it is 1 degree Fahrenheit out there. Good thing I got a new footie-hoodie snuggie for xmas, amirye?


Miike Snow – Animal (Fake Blood Remix) <— did I already put this up?? WhatEVER. Listen again.


Miike Snow – In for the Kill (La Roux Cover)

The following…

27 Dec

…needs absolutely no explanation:

My dad doing the “Ugly Dance” <—CLICK FOR ENDLESS AMUSEMENT

My favorite dance move combos:

Kick + Grease

Disco + Hippie

Stomp + Sway

Aerobic + Robot

Kick + Still