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The Most Hated Family in America

25 Apr

So i just watched this crazay documentary. It was done by BBC, and it’s called “Louis Thoroux — The Most Hated Family in America.” Louis Thoroux basically follows around the Kansan family, the Phelps, that is at the core of the Westboro Baptist Church. Though small, this group believes that God hates America and its government because of its tolerance of homosexuality. I could go into more detail, but you gotta see it to believe it. Link below to watch 4 free!


I SEE You, RB.

24 Apr

I am really starting to feel Russell Brand.

Here are a few reasons why.

1) He’s British and has got steez


2) He’s funny

3) He is smart!


4) He’s married to Katy Perry


5) He’s an actor


6) He’s a radio/television presenter


7) He’s a singer


…and 8) he looked like this when he was a kid:



I rest my case.


20 Dec

I FINALLY got my hands on a copy of Pinocchio and I just watched it. Let me just say… it REALLY messed with my head.

First of all, it’s a classic. There is so much to love about the movie. The Blue Fairy is amazing, Geppetto’s the man, his cat Figaro and his fish Cleo are the best, his shop with all the cuckoo clocks is off the CHAIN, and Jiminy Cricket is arguably one of the greatest Disney characters ever created. Okay.

But all the joy and happiness is shot DOWN when Pinocchio is skipping to school like a GOOD little boy and, SUBITO, he gets kidnapped by a psycho fox and his idiotic sidekick who convince him into becoming an actor instead of going to school. Jiminy Cricket, his conscience, tries to convince him to just go to school, but Pinocchio is too amped up about being an actor that he doesn’t even think twice and heads off to the theatah…

Next thing you know he’s locked up in a birdcage, growing cherry-blossoms on the end of his nose, missing dinner, and getting shipped off to Pleasure Island where he befriends a kid who is all jazzed about the idea of not having to obey any parents or laws. Immediately the two are smoking cigars, gambling, smashing windows, lighting the Mona Lisa on fire, drinking beers and plays POOL (!?).

It’s all pretty much downhill from there, when Pinocchio realizes he and  homeboy are transforming into donkeys who will be tortured, sold, and shipped off. It’s messed up. But listen, bro. It’s Disney. Things turn around and end up just fine.

All I’m tryna say here is if you haven’t watched Pinocchio recently, you must. It’s straight crack. And here are a few more things for you to deal with…

Chew on THIS for a sec:

Can you spot my Pinocchio reference?!:

Not At All – Emily Warren & The Betters


14 Dec

This goes out to my main man, my better half, the one, the ONLY, Silly Bonjour.

I have known Andrew since before birth–not something many people can say– and, needless to say, we are le best of friends. If you don’t know Andrew I feel really bad for you. He’s the illest. Last night he got a letter in the mail confirming his acceptance to Colorado College, da school of his dreams, and I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD OF HIM. It was bittersweet though, because that means he’s heading clear across the country (4 hour plane ride!!??) and as of fall 2011 I will only be seeing him for brief periods of time a few times a year. The only times we’ve ever been apart were over the past few summers and it was only a few weeks at a time at MOST. So it’s gonna be really weird.. I’m gonna MISS you, Belch/Silly Bondres/Bonja du Jour/Jaques/Bulge.



12 Dec

This goes along with my last post, as Snow White is involved, but I want to talk about a SPECIAL GUY who goes by the VJ name “Pogo”. What makes this guy so special is that he takes sounds from Disney movies along with their corresponding video clips and mixes and matches them to make super dope songs and beats. What he comes up with is not only musically ridic but also really fun to watch. Here are some of my pogo favorites in no particular order: