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26 Apr

You know this song?

Well check THIS out:



25 Apr

Okay, so this vid was shown to me by my friend, Matt, who also plays in another band with the guy who is playing percussion in this vid. I really like this video, this song, this guys voice, and most specifically I like the lick he uses over “I know” at 2:37. So enjoy, methinksyawill

Antoine Dodson

24 Apr

Remember this guy?

And then this happened:

Well here’s a summary of what happened to him after he blew up:

Then, he literally became a superstar. Check THIS:

He’s even in line to have his own reality-TV show. But here’s the unhappy ending… Today, Antoine Dodson was arrested for marijuana possession. Yeesh.

I SEE You, RB.

24 Apr

I am really starting to feel Russell Brand.

Here are a few reasons why.

1) He’s British and has got steez


2) He’s funny

3) He is smart!


4) He’s married to Katy Perry


5) He’s an actor


6) He’s a radio/television presenter


7) He’s a singer


…and 8) he looked like this when he was a kid:



I rest my case.


23 Apr

Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha remixed Britney’s “‘Til The World Ends”

Kinda feeling it? At the very least it’s getting me alarmingly pumped for the Nicki/Britney Tour that’s coming up. That’s RIGHT. They’re touring together. And the pre-sale is in just a couple of days… 4/25. Just THINK about how wild shitzgonnaget!!!

(They’ve even started hanging out!)