Adam Levine.

23 Apr

Ok, HI. Can I just talk about Adam Levine for a sec here?

Easily the best looking dude of all time, but besides that, here’s some history…

Before Maroon 5 was Maroon 5, they were Kara’s Flowers. When they were seniors in high school they released an album and their one single, “Soap Disco” (so bad zomg but ALSO SO GOOD) never made much a splash. Check out the vid:

Well, actually, it made a teeny splash when that same year they played the song on 90210, still as babies–HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS!

Then, Adam, working a bunch of odd jobs (TV assistant, waiter at Johnny Rockets) eventually joined up with the now members of Maroon 5, and started writing lyrics and compiling songs all about his ex-girlfriend Jane Herman. AKA this chick:

Unt here they are togeza:

Then, the product, “Songs About Jane” came out in the summer of 2002. SUCH a good album.

THEN “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” came out about 5 years later, a way more electronic/dance-y album known most for these songs:

Won’t Go Home Without You (video featuring ALEX from LOST!!)

So THAT was incredible. And just as soon as everyone had started to forget about Maroon 5, THIS happened:

And, maybe I’m freaking, but to ME, that’s all around the catchiest song of all time. For reals.

Then he just recently put out this video of him and his real-life-Russian-model-girlfriend hanging out in LA in a bed, going all over da place with people staring and snapping muploads.


One Response to “Adam Levine.”

  1. Kelly September 8, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    Thank you for putting all these videos together!!!! Love them soso much!!!! His gf is gorgeous and needless to say I am totally jealous!

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