3 Apr

Lovers, haters, followers and playas

I’M BACK. Sorry for my absence (lookin at you, Jules) but once I regained my ability to walk I guess I just got cocky. But whatever, that’s over, and I’m back… with a vengeance.

Speaking of comebacks, my all time favorite come-backer has come back. HARD CORE. Say what up to Britney cuz she just dropped an album that is straight up fire through & through.

He About to Lose Me <—STR8CRACK


Til The World Ends




Listen… just DOWNLOAD IT



One Response to “AND I’M BACK”

  1. ladymoomcr April 3, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    Femme Fatale is AMAZING !

    Love ‘Gasoline’ ❤

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