Jessie J

19 Jan

Jessie J is this THING that’s about to happen. She’s British, she’s weird, she kinda raps, and she doesn’t realize that (unfortunately) anyone acting weird with straight bangs is going to be immediately sized up against Lady GaGa.

Aaaanyways, there are things I love and things I hate about Miss Jessie J, but I wanted to post about her so that you can honestly put your hand on your a$$ and say you heard it hear first. She writes her songs, and I FEELS that, but most notably, her voice is actually sick.

Price Tag (ft. B.o.B) – Jessie J

Okay… now that you’re like.. kind of unsure as well, watch this. Takes some BALLS to do this, and her voice is crazy. ALMOST as crazy as her nails. The song? Mehhh buhlyke who rly cares at this point amirite? Plus she has some serious swag, lez be honest.

…And one more for the ROAD


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